Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

I made these for BUNCO and they were delicious! They are good as appetizers or as a main dish, served with rice.

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

1 lb. ground beef
1 c. crushed saltine crackers
1 ½ tsp. onion powder
1 ½ tsp. garlic salt
¼ tsp. ground pepper
1 beaten egg

1 (12 oz.) bottle catsup
1 tsp. white vinegar
1 c. brown sugar
1 tsp. yellow mustard
1 c. water
½ of a small onion, chopped fine
2 T. Worcestershire sauce

Mix meatball ingredients well, then form in to meatballs using a small or medium sized scoop to make uniform size balls. In skillet, heat some olive oil (about 1-2 tablespoons) and fry meatballs on all sides until well browned. Remove from pan.

In small saucepan, add all ingredients for cocktail sauce. Mix well and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to low and add meatballs. Simmer for 1 hour on low. Can use a crockpot if desired, but don’t start timing 1 hour until sauce is boiling. Serve meatballs alone with toothpicks as an appetizer or over white rice as a main dish.

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