Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I've now officially been without a home computer since November and can stand it no longer! We had to get through Christmas, but Santa's bills have been paid, I'm ready to buy, but I'm dragging my feet. Does anyone know where I can get a GREAT computer for a GREAT price? What I REALLY want is a new Mac, but it looks like I'll have to settle for less...for now.

While you are getting me that information, I will upload the 50+ pictures and recipes I've documented these past three months.

Thanks to everyone who has asked where the new recipes are!


Holly said...

Love your recipes Teresa! When it comes to computers, it's hard to beat Dell's prices. We have a Dell laptop and desktop although a Mac would be nice. :)

Strawberry Shortcake said...

I need some recipes to go along with the beautiful pictures!! I want you to know that I use your recipes a LOT. Can't wait! :) Love ya!