Monday, August 26, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Kaycie brought this recipe home from college.  Apparently these were a frequent menu item in room B202 at the Eccles Living Center (a.k.a. dorms) at SUU.  Which reminds me...

...did you you know that it's not politically correct to say that you live in "dorms" any more?  According to my highly educated daughter, the word DORM has a negative connotation, so they are called "living centers".  I had to break the news that every parent's worst fear is that their child will grow up and have to live in a "center".

Anywho... my younger children LOVE this recipe.  All you need is a refrigerated tube of cinnamon rolls and your waffle iron.
 Tips from a highly educated college student:

1) Don't use Grands cinnamon rolls, jut get the smaller, regular kind (the Grands turn out doughy).
2) Don't worry if you get a little scared the first time you pop open a tube of refrigerated dough.  Everyone gets scared the first time.
3) Slap the little rolls on the waffle iron and cook them until they are brown.  Frost with the frosting that came with the rolls.  Leave the maple syrup in the cupboard.  It isn't good.  They tried it.
4) Clean your waffle iron well after making this recipe.  Otherwise, sugary black stuff will burn on to your waffles the next time you use your waffle iron.  Sugary black stuff is gross.
5)  Finally, clean up after yourself.  The motto in B202: "Dishes are like boys.... don't let your friends do them."

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